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                          A tale of Sheikh Chili

Sheikh Chili was a son of rich merchant of town, Sadden.  But lots of riches and nourishment made him a silly and foolish boy. He grew up as a dumb man and anyone could easily fool him. His father wanted him to search for works thus send him to other town for work.


He got a work of transferring a big pot from town to nearby village of Rakia. Rakia promised him to pay 2 bucks for his work. He lifted the pot and went on his way.


He started dreaming - "When the work will be done, I will get 2 bucks. Out of that, I will buy a hen. Then the hen will lay eggs. I will sell eggs and then hen. I will earn a good profit and then I will buy goat. Goat will give milk; I will sell milk and become rich. Then I will sell out goat and will buy horses. Afterwards, by selling horse I will do my marriage. After marriage, I will have son. He will go to school. He will not do homework and in irritation, I will slap him like this.”


At that moment, he had thrown pot down and pot had broken.  He had beaten his son in dream and had broken the pot in real. Thus, Sheikh Chili again proved why he had known as silly and idiot. The ‘Will Dream’ of Sheikh Chili crashed with the shattering of pot.   


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