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                         BEAUTY OF NATURE

Jim was a young boy of 16. He was in high school. His father was a drunker and beat his mother daily. This all violence made the young boy aggressive and self-centered. Due to his behavior, he didn’t have any friend. He usually fights with his classmates and always talked harsh with his classmates. Soon, He lost his interest in his life and thought him as the burden on the earth.


He decided to leave his house and went on endless journey till he live. During midnight when his parents were sleeping, he left the house and walked about two miles till he reached into the woods. The horrible silence of deadly forest made him a little scary but the body with no destiny couldn’t care about it.  Soon, he felt sleepy and slept in the forest under one of the tree.


But a miracle happened when he opened his eyes. A deadly forest of lazy night turned into the charm of happiness in the morning glow. Now the music of colourful forest is audible to the hard heart of youth. He noticed that the trees and flowers which were sleeping at night became bright and bloomy. He examined the whole scenery around him and found that nature was saying something to him. Green leaves, brown barks, coloured flowers, clear water of river was enhancing his life and giving him a message that ‘life is so beautiful’. It was the first time in Jim’s life when he was feeling that life is something, something to love, something to live. He was now standing on the almost opposite aspect of his life. Yellow petals of Jasmine telling him why he hate his life which is the most valuable gift of God.


This all scenic beauty changed his mind. He decided to go back to home and relive his life. The power of beauty of nature helped him to live happy life and he started taking keen interest in studies. After some year, he became a world-known poet, a poet of nature, a poet who loves nature. Thus, nature has a endless beauty, a need is just of a heart which can feels nature and its beauty.


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