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Hello welcome to set of FAQ's. Read the FAQ's of Story Hub for your convenience  and efficiency. If you find still more problems you can also ask your query from our support under 'ADMIN CORNER'. 

Que. 1. What is Story Hub?
Ans. 1. Story Hub is the biggest online collection of stories and poems throughout the web. You can read, submit and enjoy complete aspect of stories and poems on this website. 

Que. 2. Why Story Hub is different from from other websites of stories and poems?
Ans. 2. Story Hub is the best medium for beginners to flourish your stories and poems among people because we provide opportunities to the people to submit their stories and poems under Submit Section. We will show the stories and poems of beginners above the others stories so more and more people should read their stories and poems.

Que. 3. How can I get access to stories and poems?
Ans. 3. To open stories and poems first of all go to English section or Hindi section. Then open Library. Under Library Section you will get stories and poems under 4 different categories. Choose among the categories and you will easily get access to stories and poems.  

Que. 4. Is Story Hub safe to use?
Ans. 4. Yes, Story Hub is the safest online mean to read stories and poems as it does not requires any kind of registration and fee. You can read and submit stories and poems without any kind of complicated and personal registration.

Que. 5. How can I post my stories and poems to Story Hub?
Ans. 5. If you wanna your stories and poems to be seen in Story Hub Library, go to Submit Section of Story Hub and follow the given procedure. It just requires little of your basic information to submit your stories and poems on Story Hub.

Que. 6. How can my stories and poems will show above of other stories and poems?
Ans. 6. If you want to be in limelight as Story Hub writer, post your stories and poems on Story Hub and then on the basis of the ratings on your work will decide whether your work will be in limelight or will be securing last positions. Rating stars will be automatically added to the all qualified stories and poems, more stars more will be your work in limelight.

Que. 7. Can I also earn through Story Hub?
Ans. 7. Yes, you can also earn a handsome amount of money through every of your stories and poems. If you are a good writer and people likes your work then submit atleast 20 of your work on Story Hub. If your work will get good ratings then we will contact you and pay you for each new of your story and poem. But be attentive we will pay only for stories and poems which will be written by you, any kind of foreign story or poem will not going to earn you anything.

Que. 8. What is 'Activity Column' under Menu Bar?
Ans. 8. Activity Column is very interesting and exciting service offer by Story Hub. Under this we will giving out special contests and competitions to our visitors. 

Que. 9.  Is Story Hub is friendly with all browsers and webs?
Ans. 9. Yes, Story Hub is the most sophisticated way throughout the web to read and enjoy stories and poems. Story Hub website is meant with easiest HTML & JavaScript and every browser will allow you to see the all possible content of Story Hub.

Que. 10. Can I also get the stories and poems of famous writers on this website?
Ans. 10. And the answer is Yes. Story Hub is the collection of all possible stories and poems throughout the web. And we will feel happy to serve you with best works of famous writers. You can find stories and poems of famous writers under the same categories of Library section but under the copyright of their respective name.

Que. 11. Can I find new and unread stories and poems on Story Hub?
Ands. 11. Yes, Story Hub offers a very innovative and big platform to all new writers to show up their talent. We will treat the new writers equal to the stories and poems of famous writers. So you will easily get a never read before stories and poems.

(Thanks For Reading FAQ's. More FAQ's will be added with time. Keep Tuned and for any other query you can ask directly from Admin Corner)