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                           HELL IN THE HOLE

This is a story of the time when no technology was introduced to the people. People were living simple life and did all their chores manually. Due to limited exposure to the world their thinking was also narrow. They believed on ghosts and evil. Such one case was from the village, Bholpur of ancient Rajasthan.


There was a big hole on the bank of the river flow through the village. People usually associate stories to that dig. Different kind of stories was spread throughout the village. Some of the people say it is a way to hell, some say it is the end of the life and some say evil live in that dig. But in real no one till date dear to enter that hole. Sunder was a young boy of the village. He was also exposed to hole related stories. At last the curiosity of young mind forced him to go inside the hole once. People of the village strictly restricted children to go that side so Sunder decided to inside the hole in midnight. When all of his family was sleeping, he lived the home to the river. Youthful body with a little scare found the hole before him when he reached there. After taking long breathe, he jumped into the hole. But nothing happened!


Two meters deep hole was just a home to lots of mice and spiders.


Wait! When he was about to come out of hole, a door opened behind him. He entered inside, more doors opened; he went on till he reached into twentieth room. He found nothing there but amazed how doors were opening automatically. But a wave of scariness overcomes his amazement when all the doors behind him closed. He was now locked in the room. He took a long breathe and collected confidence to search the room. He saw a light coming from one side of the room. It was a way to go out of the cave. An expression of relief came on his face when he saw that that way took him to his village’s market.


But the market clock was showing 6:30 and according to him it was to be 12 midnight. His amazement left nowhere when he saw that everything was opposite to the real world. He was in the mirror world. No one knows what happened to him afterward but story of him give a meager lesson ‘Not to underestimate the words of elders’.


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