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Pride of the Aksaben

Note: The story and its characters are entirely fictional. This story has nothing to do with historical account.
“The last red ray of the sun strikes the stone. Dazzling white rays come out of the stone.” Jimmy spoke. But none was able to understand what he wanted to say. Jimmy’s words spread like a brain teaser in the complete territory of Aksaben but to extent no one was able to solve the mystery behind the words of Jimmy.
Jimmy, a dedicated soldier in Aksaben armed force was the only one who returned back to land. Other soldiers who went for war were killed. Poor Jimmy too died in a month. People of Aksaben had a new majesty now. Roman king Lusher was marching towards Aksaben with his celebrated possession to crown himself as the king of Aksaben. Former Aksaben king Pactor VI too died in a war.
Aksabenians were in complete suspense and thrill. They all had two questions in their minds. First, the words spoken by Jimmy and second, how the most powerful army of Aksaben lost the war and had such a terrified end.
In a day, King Lusher reached Aksaben and called all Aksabenians in the pace who were now subject to him. He sat on the throne and ruled the territory in his own harsh manner. Under his rule, Aksabenians went through lots of hardship. He also ceased public meetings so to prevent any kind of rebellion against him.
Simon, a young Aksabenian who was also suffering like others was keen to free his land. Like others, he also was unable to understand the meaning of Jimmy’s words. So he went to Vectorous. Vectorous was believed to be the most intelligent person in Aksaben.
When Simon asked for a help from Vectorous, he replied, “Broso Simo!! As you betta knows that Aksaben is believed to be the land of God. It ish believed that the native of Aksaben can only become the ruler of land.”
“Then Romans are ruling our land??” Simon asked.
“No, no little Simo!! This all ish happening just cause of you and me. Even cause of o’ll of us.”
“All of us!! HOW??”
“You know what poor Jimmy had spoken before his death,….the last red ray of sun strike the stone…..Yes!! Last expectations of Aksabenians are dieing, Sun of glory of Aksaben ish setting, golden rule has stroked with stone thus come to an end.”
“And what the second line spoken by Jimmy signifies?”
“Dazzling white ray come out of the stone… the glory of the Aksaben is coming to an end, only white color silence will remain on land and very soon…, me and even all Aksabenians will die… last PRIDE OF AKSABEN is standing on its end.”


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