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                              Terror Of Destruction   

 Once upon a time, a boy named Buckram lived in a weird village aside a lake. The village was too small and consisted of only 5 huts and 10 people. One of the boy started growing in one of the family. As he was growing, he saw destruction of his village. By time, people of the village started dyeing. 

When he was 18, he was the only native left in the village. Now he was feeling that his time is close too. He decided to live the village. He picked the train for the town. He was traveling in train while after one hour he went to washroom. 

As he was going to the washroom, he collided with a man but to his surprise, he passed threw the man without hitting him. He got scared; he knew the evil had return to kill the last native of village. He was now searching a way out of train, while he noticed that train was flying in the sky. 

Then he watched that all the people in train were dead. Now for the sake of his life he ran towards washroom, but three-four people followed him. They were people just by name. One of them killed the Buckram firstly with knife. Then the others took out his body parts and ate them. They even not left the skeleton of Buckram and ate it too. 

Still, the story of that village remained a mystery for all and who so ever tried to go to village had never returned.    


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