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                    THE BRAVE GIRL: RANI

Once there was a girl name Rani. She was very good in studies and completed her education with excel in every class. Now she was ready for marriage. Her family started finding suitable match to her. His father found very deserving groom Hari for her. Hari was an engineer and earning healthy through his job. Rani’s father talked with Hari’s family and fixed marriage after 10 days.


Under the heavy burden of quick preparation, at last the day of marriage came. The marriage was about to start, Hari’s father putted up his demand. He said, "We want a four wheeler car and handsome money as a dowry.” Mr. Sharma, Rani’s father replied,”But Mr. Arora you hadn’t demand for dowry earlier”. Mr. Arora in his extreme replied, "Do you want your girl to be married then accept our demand.” Rani’s father was in pitiable situation. He already had taken a large amount of loan from bank. Suddenly Rani came between them and taken the situation in her hand. She said to Mr. Arora,”If you want dowry in marriage then I better not marry to your son. Moreover, it will be the biggest mistake of my life if I will be marrying in such house.” Hari’s family had no reply to these word, they cancelled the marriage and returned.


As Rani raised her voice against such Social Evil, why we are behind? Thus we have to give our efforts towards banning these Social Evils. 


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