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The Forest

The clock struck 11:00 PM. On the eleventh chime of the eleventh hour I heard movement on the other side of my front door - the hectic scurry of quick, sharp legs on pavement, the rustle of leaves in the flower bed, and a tree branch creaking under weight.

I looked through the peep hole and into the world outside. My suburban neighbourhood was dark, other than the street, which was pockmarked by glowing yellow pools of street light. Everything appeared to be still, and peaceful, until I noticed movement in the shadows. Then I realized the shadows were movement. The dark spaces between street lights, which had at first appeared to be moonless pockets of night, were teeming with swarms of black spiders. Their legs moved in an unnatural rhythm as they crawled over each other and vied for position, trying to push into the street light, which held them out like a force field.

Then I noticed movement in other places. It was a windless night, but the trees, one in each small yard, shook violently and rustled their own leaves with malice. There was an explosion of creaking wood as the roots of the trees surged from the ground and began winding down the street, climbing the light poles and pressing against the houses. What happened next occurred so quickly I can’t be sure it happened at all - the trees ripped down the street lights. The spiders spilled into the lightless void. Roots covered and crushed the houses, and new trees sprung from the ground around them.

My power went out, and I found myself alone, in the middle of a dark forest.

WRITTEN BY : Pragmatic Zach                               SUBMITTED BY : UTKARSH SHUKLA

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