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The October Incident

Tombstones floated on a green marsh haze
Wolf moon pulled a blanket of gray along
Howling creatures mourned, reached their ends
A fog, a drape of death, over open crypt and stubbled earth
Down to the shadow grave
Oblivion hidden behind every black leafless tree
Ready to suck and snuff out life
From any being drawing near 
In October things aren't always pleasant
On the eerie winds grip, swinging in, in fear
A shallow ditch shoveled out by a dark creepy figure
Panting frantic out of breath
Covered in mistakes, and dirt, and curses from birth
The wicked man cast his last shadow at the covered moon
Sweat glimmered, dripped off his bulbous nose
As he threw his victim in the shallow grave
There were no prayers, only a cold corpse, consumed
Doomed, covered over by waves of green marsh haze..


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