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The Stars for an Extempore 

Hello, I’m writing this so called poem from memories of my unrest mind….
It told me last night to speak out everything I revised,
But how could one utter a word before a crowd of scholars,
Thus my knowledge at that time became, point-sized,
My body became as unstable as dollars.
But everyone knows God is sitting on the upper birth,
The need is to raise you head to search his glory,
He always ready to assist you whether you reside in Perth,
So here I am going to start my last night story.
Loud voices of people were pinching me like noise,
I was unable to speak what I learnt,
The stormy feeling of discredit made me unwise,
Only thought came in my mind was to run away like ‘Rocket-Burnt’.
But suddenly my eyes scrutinize the sky full of stars,
Yeah!! The stars of word and expressions themselves,
Act as the speech of the god in the environment of war,
Yeah!! The expressions of God with which this world dwells.
These earthly things have a bond with universe,
Contains the lives, powers and words,
Can conciliate the harsh situations to reverse,
Try to understand them to remove the tag of nerds.
Thus, in my memories star acted as an extempore and will remain in it so…..


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