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                           Time Twister

The wind is rushing past, rustling my hair. I used to hate it, but now it soothes me. I take another bite. Sweet and juicy. It's probably not actually sweet, but I don't mind. My senses haven't been reliable for quite some time. Juicy is good though. I need the hydration.

I sit in the very back of the train. I look out of my cart and see the fair pass by in a blur. People, rides, everything seems to be frozen. I glance at the remainder of the carcass sharing the cart with me. Chunks of flesh are missing. It used to be some guy. I'm happy I never got to know him. In any case, it was him or me. Feeling remorse would be pointless.

In the seat right in front of my neighbor sits a girl. She has been dead for a while now. I saved her. Her boyfriend tried beating her to death. I choked him from my seat. I never got to see his face. She refused to eat him though. She couldn't do it. She lasted more than two days.

The train finishes the lap. The operator smiles at me while the train speeds past him, showing most of his teeth. He seems delighted. He wasn't smiling when the ride started. He's probably happy I'm still around. “Ride the Time Twister! A thrilling twenty five thousand laps!” he shouted when I passed his ride four days ago. It seemed ludicrous at the time. I look at the scoreboard counting down the laps.

Only 13,772 laps to go. I start laughing and take another bite.


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