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| Writer: Hitul Sehgal

I fell in love at first sight,
Her presence was filled with light.
Light that seemed to heel my past scars,
The fault in our stars.

I talked to her, my feelings overflowed,
She collected them and love bestowed.
Alas! My fate seemed to be caged behind bars,
The fault in our stars.

I need not say my love was pure,
I need not say no one could love her more.
But perhaps it was written in the stars,
The fault in our stars.

I had a disease, she had the cure,
She had a disease she was gonna die for sure.
Hers was cancer, mine was love.
“We’d meet again” she said, perhaps in stars above.

She died full of her disease and sadness,
I died due to love and madness.
We met in heaven amidst the stars,
Death corrected the fault in our stars. 
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