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| Writer: Hitul Sehgal
I think am I even worthy of you,
You are the fairest fairy,
Of pretty paradise,
And I don’t even brush my teeth twice.
You are the beautiful blossom,
Of sweet spring,
And I’m the bee with the broken wing.
I know I’m perfectly imperfect,
But you are so sweet,
And I know there’s still time,
I know I’m stupid,
But there’s a god called cupid.
He has struck my heart with his arrow,
And I take this vow,
Till the heart in my chest ceases to beat,
Only your name it will repeat.
Cause when I think of you girl,
Wise words from my pen unfurl.
I know it seemed funny in the beginning,
But I promise it will have a happy ending.
Cause this poem is just my life.
It started as joke, but sweetheart then you came,
And since then everything’s not the same.
You made a man out of me, I was sick and lame.
Just promise,
You’ll never leave this fool.
Yours and yours only HITUL.

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